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Velscope Vx

At New Concord Family Dental, we regularly screen our adult patients for oral cancer, even patients who don’t have the normal risk factors. Why? Because too many lives have been lost to cases that weren’t diagnosed early enough. When oral cancer is diagnosed and treated during its earliest stages, there is 80 to 90-percent cure rate.

Making an early diagnosis isn’t easy with just a visual exam, though. That’s why our practice uses a special tool known as VELscope Vx. With VELscope, our New Concord dental team has a way of catching oral cancer as its just developing. As a result, we can start working on a treatment immediately, increasing your chance of a complete recovery.

What to Expect from an Oral Cancer Screen with VELscope Vx

If you’ve never been screened for oral cancer with VELscope, you can expect the process to be quick and absolutely comfortable. We use a special handheld light to inspect the soft tissues of your mouth. Because of how VELscope’s cleansing solution works, healthy tissue will look normal while areas we might need to take a closer look at it will glow.

Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings Important?

The most common risk factors for oral cancer are tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, viral infections, and autoimmune deficiencies like HIV and diabetes. But suppose none of those risk factors are present in your life? Does that mean you’re immune to oral cancer? Unfortunately not. A rising number of oral cancer diagnoses are being made in patients who don’t smoke, chew tobacco, or drink excessively. In fact, many of them—in both men and women—are related to HPV. All of which means that any adult, but especially men over 40 and women between 20 and 40, can benefit from a special oral cancer screening with VELscope Vx.