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New Concord General & Family Dentistry

At New Concord Family Dental, prevention is our focus. We believe in stopping dental disease before it starts. With regular visits and routine preventive care, when a problem does arise, we’re able to identify it early and take the necessary course for conservative treatment. General dentistry is more than just cavities and fillings, it’s helping to save more of your natural smile so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Most of our patients will need to visit us every six months for routine checkups and professional hygiene. At your appointment, you’ll receive a comprehensive exam that includes a tooth-by-tooth inspection, oral cancer screening, periodontal health assessment, and we’ll evaluate your bite for signs of TMJ dysfunction. As a part of our general dentistry services, New Concord Family Dental also offers non-surgical relief from teeth grinding, and athletic mouthguards for our active patients.

Your gum health is more important than ever before. Research has shown a connection between gum disease and serious illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, and even pregnancy complications. Our New concord general dentistry practice offers gum disease therapy to keep your mouth healthy and promote your overall wellbeing. It’s just one more way our team can help you smile.