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New Concord Dentures & Partials

Missing teeth create a whole host of problems, from decay of adjacent teeth, to shifting and jawbone loss. It’s important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible and New Concord Family Dental offers dentures and partial dentures to fit your specific needs. A denture or partial denture can restore functionality and can give you the beautiful smile that you deserve.

How Dentures & Partials Function

Full dentures replace all teeth on the top or bottom jaw. They can be closed or open palate and usually require denture adhesive to be held in place. Partial dentures, commonly referred to as partials, take the place of multiple missing teeth and fit like a puzzle with your remaining teeth. Like full dentures, a partial is removable for cleaning.

Your Individual Smile

We want you to smile again with confidence. Visit our New Concord dental office, and we will evaluate your current condition to determine whether dentures, partials, or any other of our restorative treatments will work well for your individual smile. In some cases, we recommend dental implants, which secure your full or partial dentures.